17 January 2019


I MAKE MARMALADE annually – it is increasingly popular. It is not for sale: originally for home consumption, you only get gifted a jar if I like you a lot (or I am deeply indebted to you for something or other, possibly both).

In 2018 I marked two centenaries: Hugh Melling, Mary's Great Uncle, killed in the last days of the Great War; and Stan Smith, my father, born in the last months of the same war . . .

2019 labels featured a generic, a Victoria, and two significant birthdays. All carried reference to the expected departure of the UK from the EU, a disaster that was postponed until the next decade. See also the 'NB' below.

2020 just had to have reference to 2020 vision, hence the faux optician's chart (featuring of course the typeface 'optician') and I couldn't pass over the Bullsmead tradition to mark an historical event of significance: this time it is the quatercentenary (yes that's right, check the sp. with your handy OED) of the Pilgrim Fathers' jaunt to the New World. 

I've been crafting this noble confection for more than thirty-five years now; the labels exhibited below are only the more recent editions, starting with this year's identities: 

NB The first label showing below this text should have been applied to some of the jars of the 2019 production, but wasn't because I overlooked the centennial it commemorates. So I designed it in 2020 and shoved it in, notwithstanding. I suppose I shouldn't include it then, as it didn't see the light of day on jars of the 2019 make…but I have, so there…