16 September 2016

southern colours

In September we get to go to Helford Passage, at the invitation of a generous friend, and that gives me a chance to visit some of the Lizard's coastline. The geology of this southern most peninsula of the UK is complex and distinctive: the tip of the Lizard is not really part of the UK geology at all, much of it having formed on another plate, deep within the earth's crust. I have a geological map that helps the understanding a bit but as it is not thoroughly understood by the experts even, what chance have I?

In the number of times I have explored the Lizard coasts I have come to appreciate the singular extent of colour, shape and bedding of these series of rocks. They never fail to surprise me. This time I visited Kennack again, where late holiday makers were still sunning themselves on the fine sands there, but not so at the eastern end, beyond Caerverracks, which I had almost to myself. Last time I came this way it was raining and the colours were very bright in an otherwise grey seascape . . .

A second excursion took us to Porthleven and I was delighted to be able to shuffle along to Parc-en-Als, ignoring notices above the sea defences in the town about cliff falls to get down on my knees to enjoy the beauty of these most singular ancient and metamorphosed slates. On the way to this favourite place I also admired the exfoliating sandstones close in to Porthleven, on the beach there and according to the OS, called Little Trigg Rocks.

If you would like to see some of the pictures I made in these three places you can click on the links below. I think they will need further sorting and perhaps integrating into the other albums made of Kennack and Parc-en-Als . . . but for now they are compiled by date made.

flickr album southern colours: kennack

flickr album southern colours: little trigg rocks

flickr album southern colours: pard-en-als III

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